Student Support

English Language Learning at SIS

Supporting English Language Learners (ELL) is a priority for teachers and the ELL department.  At SIS, teachers practice the sheltered immersion model in supporting ELL students to acquire the English language. This means that all instruction is in English, students are not pulled out for ‘special English’ classes and everyone is expected to meet the same rigorous, grade level academic standards.

The sheltered immersion model focuses on supporting English language learners to acquire the English language and academic content at the same time.

At SIS, the teachers co-plan and co-teach with the ELL coordinator and/or ELL teachers. By doing so, they develop various research-based, scaffolded strategies to support the learner in all four domains of language: reading, writing, speaking and listening. We use these strategies with the students, assess the results, and plan our lessons accordingly. Because of this collaboration and ELL methodology, we can support individual student’s needs and provide differentiated, meaningful instruction.

Learning Support Services

The Learning Support Services department works closely with teachers, students, and parents to provide support thereby ensuring academic and social success of all students.  The Learning Support Services team respects each child’s unique personality, experience, interests, strengths, and areas of development. The Learning Support Services team seeks to maximize the skills of all students in order for them to realize their individual potential.

In order to provide the optimal learning environment, we assist classroom teachers with differentiation, creating Learning Support Plans, utilizing instructional strategies and materials that support different learning styles, as well as provide appropriate accommodations, interventions, and modifications when needed.

Guidance Counselor

Understanding that students can enhance their learning and academic achievement when they are given both the support and skills to overcome challenges they face during childhood and adolescence, SIS has a guidance counselor on its staff.  As a part of the Learning Support Services team, the counselor provides a planned program that is responsive to the academic, social, personal, and developmental needs of students and the school community.

The guidance counselor also assists high school students with preparation necessary for entrance into institutions of higher learning and a future career path.  This includes, but is not limited to, advising students about the university entrance process, assisting with the completion of documents, and conducting meetings and university visits.  The counselor recognizes the individual needs of each student and personalizes a plan to help the student select and gain acceptance to the best school for him or her.