For the 2018-2019 school year we are seeking the following positions:

K-12 Drama Teacher
K-12 Counselor

SIS is seeking teachers looking for an adventure to join our diverse community. In a small community, the willingness to wear many hats is essential. We are looking for teachers who are collaborative and willing to try new ideas in order to improve education. We offer a competitive package for experienced teachers. There are great opportunities for savings. Indonesian regulations require a minimum of five years of full-time experience as well as current teaching credentials from your home country. Ex-pat teachers in Early Childhood and Kindergarten must have a degree or credential that specifically mentions Early Childhood. The maximum age allowed by Indonesian regulations is 55.

Our benefits include:

Furnished housing close to campus
Utilities – water and electricity fully covered
Yearly flights to home of record (including trailing dependents)
International health insurance with no deductible
Moving and Settling in Allowances
Contract completion and renewal bonuses
Wellness Benefit
Domestic allowance
Free tuition for children
Professional Development funds